Results on White
1Karen Yeowell 25m:57s
2Alexandra 34m:48s
3Mark OConnell 40m:36s
4Isla Finlayson 45m:41s
5Milo Duncan Roberts Ratnathicam 1h:07m:59s
6Jeffrey Ferris 1h:13m:35s
7Phoebe Kosman 1h:17m:11s
8Kalani Neeland 1h:45m:43s
9Melissa TroutDNF

Results on Yellow
1Tor Webb 26m:14s
2Karen Yeowell 33m:26s
3Alexandra 34m:38s
4Evgeny Remizov 39m:18s
5Mark O’Connell 40m:05s
6Allen R 41m:24s
7Ben 41m:42s
8Brigitta Larson 44m:45s
9Madeline 52m:38s
10Susan deCastro 52m:54s
11Lilly 53m:08s
12Claire and Bill 56m:46s
1330508 1h:00m:40s
14Scott Meeks 1h:05m:30s
15Caroline meeks 1h:06m:10s
16Kalani Neeland 1h:15m:12s
17Matthew Ng 1h:43m:13s
18Desjardins 1h:48m:06s
19Channon Ames DiCiurcioDNF

Results on Orange
1Alexandra Cok 58m:33s
2Andrea Schwarz 1h:02m:34s
3Peter White 1h:02m:40s
4Ben 1h:12m:25s
5Mark hummel 1h:36m:35s
6Jeanne Hummel 1h:37m:42s
7Cary and Ryann 1h:53m:40s
8Kasey Welch 2h:03m:57s
9Elinor / Daniel / Lisa 2h:06m:09s
10John Draper 2h:09m:33s
11Ilya Bass 2h:17m:16s
12Kalani Neeland 2h:18m:27s
13Ridin' with BidenDNF
15Allen RDNF
16Susan deCastroDNF
17John kernochanDNF
18Lukas WebbDNF
19Brian and Leah Williams DNF

Results on Brown
1Michael Cooper 52m:18s
2Leah Alpert 1h:29m:31s
3Alexandra 1h:31m:42s
4Judith Karpinski 1h:46m:07s
5Lauren TenCate 1h:53m:37s
6Edward Baldwin 2h:04m:53s
7Jeanne Hummel 2h:09m:55s
8Mark hummel 2h:10m:11s
9Bruce Henderson 2h:41m:03s
10Joanne SankusDNF
11Kasey WelchDNF

Results on Green
1Cristina Luis 54m:10s
2Mori Finlayson 57m:53s
3Xavier Fradera 1h:33m:08s
4Alexandra 1h:46m:58s
5Mark Webb 1h:49m:57s
6Andrew Vakhutinsky 2h:03m:51s
7Dorina Nimigean 2h:10m:16s
8John DraperDNF
9Dean SturtevantDNF

Results on Red
1Ian Finlayson 56m:53s
2Jorgen Bergstrom 58m:29s
3Kristin Hall 59m:49s
4Jonathan Campbell 1h:04m:52s
5Tobias Karlsson 1h:12m:33s
6Robert Silversmith 1h:15m:32s
7Phil Bricker 1h:21m:43s

Results on Blue
1Jeffrey Saeger 1h:40m:05s
2Gerben Scherpbier 1h:44m:05s
3Stephen Tarry 1h:56m:32s
4Erik Tamre 2h:08m:53s
5Doug Sevon 2h:23m:00s
6Mark OConnell 2h:25m:32s
7Karen Yeowell 3h:03m:19s
8pelle wåhlström 3h:42m:41s

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